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Who are we
“Lumina” is a Non-Governmental, Apolitical and Non-religious Organization dedicated to the advancement of social and economic conditions of the population in the Democratic Republic of Congo, through the exclusive efforts of the Congolese diaspora.
Our vision
We look forward to an effective and efficient collaboration of the Congolese diasporafor the creation of a new, relived Congo where all people will live in peace, prosperity and respect for one another focusing our objectives in five areas of development Congo : 
Agriculture , health, education, transport, environment and .
Our mission
Empower and equip the Congolese diaspora, for a general mobilization for the achievement of sustainable development in the Democratic Republic of Congo.
Where are we 
The International Bureau of Lumina is located in the United States of America. Regional offices are also located in Canada, Mexico, United Kingdoms, France, Belgium, Sweden, Germany, South Africa, India, China and the Democratic Republic of Congo.


Our team
Lumina is coordinated by young Congolese intellectuals living in North America, Australia, Europe, Asia, and Africa in a spirit of mutual understanding and cooperation. 
Our motto
United we will succeed! As stated by the great Greek Fabulist Aesop, union is the basic concept that have supports the foundation of all great nations of history. In this approach, Lumina puts the Congolese citizen in the origin, the center, and the implementation of its action, a feature exclusive to this Organization.
General Coordination of Lumina is led by experienced officers of the United Nations, Experienced Political Science and International Relations professionals and students as well as Congolese pursuing degrees and qualifications in the humanitarian, economic, engineering, architecture, agriculture, management, law and other degrees.
Lumina is parented by two major international bodies: R4D based in Washington DC, USA, and the British Council based in London UK. Lumina also receive technical support of several other organizations with similar objectives.
Where do we work
Our activities are held throughout the entire Democratic Republic of Congo territory. 
Although still standing based on European , American, and Asian lands and our facilities are located to benefit from the contacts, expertise, cooperation, collaboration and critical lobbies, the purpose of our work is on the land of our forefathers.


Our Branches:


London, UK
New Dheli, India
Mexico City, Mexico
Stockholm, Sweden
Pretoria, South Africa
Toronto, Montreal, Canada


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