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Take Action Against Ebola!


Lumina RDC is taking action:

By raising awareness, educating the population and providing medical Ebola prevention kits in the regions within the DRC directly impacted by this deadly virus. 


The 2014 Ebola outbreak is the largest Ebola outbreak in human history and the first to affect multiple countries. This epidemic is not just a threat to regional security as it is confined to Africa for the time being, this Outbreak is a threat to world peace and security.  Lumina RDC is taking action. To Protect Africa is to Protect America.

In the Democratic Republic of Congo counted its fortieth fatal victim and this epidemic breakout continues to claim victims all over Africa. In most of the countries infected by the virus the number of new cases is doubling every three weeks. 


Equipment NEEDED: 


* Gloves

* Gown (fluid resistant or impermeable)

* Eye protection (goggles or face shield)

*  Facemask

* Double gloving

* Disposable shoe covers

* Leg coverings

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