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Give and you will receive


Lumina’s philosophy is that “no one can do for you what you have to do yourself”. Bu with the support of each and every one, much more can be achieved for the most good of many suffering people.


By contributing with a minimum of 2$ or 2€, you are joining the effort of hundreds of thousands of people who have decided to actively participate to the change of the economic and social problems of millions of Congolese. You participation is vital to us and to the Congo.


We encourage you to talk about us to your friends and family so that together we can reach out to those who need the most urgent help. If you want to volunteer and go to help yourself, all you have to do is to tell about Lumina to a minimum of 20 people and give us their contacts, and Lumina will place you at the head of the project you want to manage. If you are not available, anyone you choose to represent you at that position will serve as your replacement. Lumina will provide your airfare, lodging, wage, and security while serving abroad.

On behalf of those who suffer in the Congo, we thank you very much for your assistance and financial contribution.

Together, we will succeed!    


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